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way to avoid the debt ceiling. hear what senate democrats are telling the president to do today. >>> fighting the flu. the illness has now reached epidemic levels in the u.s. is it slowing down? >>> signature moment. how comics are taking on jacob lew's unique, to say the least, scrawl of his name. good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." what's happening out there. after meeting with the president of afghanistan, president obama sharing new details this morning on how he plans to end the u.s. involvement there. >> this remains a very difficult mission, the work ahead will not be easy. our forces are still in harm's way. but make no mistake, our path is clear, and we are moving forward. because after a decade of war, the nation we need to rebuild is our own. >> kristen welker is at the white house. a very good start morning to you. let's talk about the details that the president revealed about the future role of the u.s. in afghanistan. >> good morning to you, alex. the big headline that came out of the joint news conference between president obama and hamid
ceiling discussion. >> even the democrats, mr. treasurer, and the republicans, actually agrees that this is a bogus thing, that this is a temporary fix, and that the one thing they agreed on, in the fiscal cliff, we need to get back to some normalcy. >> brenda: okay, i'm sorry, guys, that's got to be the last word. we will have a long debate on this for a while, i'm sure. thanks, guys, you get sick and get to work? turns out workers afraid of losing their job are afraid of that. and that has neil's team seeing why this flu season is so bad. that's at the bottom of the hour. first, 128 million reasons why we're see so in debt. a number growing faster than the population. it's the headline no one else is talking about, but they should be. well, we are after this. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like no atm fees, worldwide. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and no nuisance fees. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 plus deposit ches with mobile deposit. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and manage your cash and investments tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with schwab's mobile app. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 no wonder schwab bank
the 14th amendment, that would allow the president to increase the debt ceiling without congress' approval, and it says validity of the public debt of the united states shall not be questioned. some democrats wrote a letter to the white house on friday saying it gives the president the authority to increase the debt ceiling unilaterally, and another option that is floated is to essentially mint a platinum coin worth a trillion dollars. this is a idea that dates back to a 1997 appropriations bill that deals with the issue. the white house saying they do not believe that this gives nem the authority to mint a trillion dollars coin. they feel they need to go through congress to get the debt increased. there's question how it will take effect. president obama said he is not going negotiate with congress. so it raises the question, if he is not going negotiate congress, how are they going to get it done? congress is digging in and house republicans saying they are not going to aagree to an increase in the debt limit unless it's equalled by dollar for dollar spending cuts and depositio
debt ceiling talks that almost shut down the government. he'll have his work cut out because democrats and republicans are gearing up for another battle over extending the debt ceiling while the global embarrassment that serves as economic policy debate in washington these days i've got a hunch that tim geithner won't miss taking part in another showdown. why should the rest of the world care if jack lew or anyone else is running the u.s. treasury? joining me now, taking off his jacket, hiss suspenders for a little q&a. i'll do the same thing. get rid of the jacket here. vests and suspenders. vests and bracers as you call them. richard, does it really matter who the u.s. treasury secretary is for the rest of the world? give me 60 seconds on your bell. generally, i doubt most americans are all that concerned about the treasury secretary. but in 2008, who it was mattered a lot to the world. tim geithner was the right guy at the right time because the global banking system was teetering on the edge of collapse. he knew the ins and outs of wall street, commercial banks, global credit and c
. >> arthel: a new battle over the separation of powers playing out over the debt ceiling. four leading democrats urging president obama to consider doing an end run around congress by raising the nation's borrowing limit without congressional approval. does the president have this authority? what could democrats think if the party dynamics were reversed? bringing in our political panel, mercedes, former spokesperson for president george w. bush, and richard goodstein, the democratic political consultant and former advisor to hillary clinton for president in 2008. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> arthel: mercedes, you first. should president obama invoke the 14th amendment protection and bypass congress and do you think raising the debt ceiling is good or bad for the good of the country and tell me why? >> it would be unwise for president obama to basically bypass congress. as we know in the constitution, it clearly states that congress has the power of the purse. so it is their responsibility to deal with the debt ceiling. if we give the president this raw power grab, i think
upfront, and you're a democrat, talking about gun control and immigration, and the debt ceiling, which he may and is getting support from other democrats to act on unilaterally. but not a lot of mention in these couple of weeks we've just been through about jobs and folks are, i'm sure you would agree, worried about their futures. what is his jobs plan specifically? >> well, absolutely. look, there's a couple of issues here, number one, he did have a very aggressive jobs plan that the republican senate and house actually killed last year, they wouldn't take it up, wouldn't, filibustered it. and so you can only do something with a partner with which to do it. and the larger problem, a partisan issue, the problem of moving crisis to crisis. first the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling, the sequester coming up and no long-term planning on issues that really affect the american public. >> jamie: julie, that's not my question. with all due respect. i understand that you feel the republicans are standing in the way of what the president wants on some things, but what specifically is his jobs plan?
to president obama urging him to do whatever he can to sidestep congress and increase the debt ceiling. but he cannot legally or constitutionally do that. john boehner reacts by saying washington must stop spending money it doesn't have. >>> speaking of sequester spending cuts, defense department is gearing up, so is homeland security. and the tsa. did you get your paycheck today? notice something missing? the payroll tax holiday is over. will this middle class tax hike really damage the economy? "the kudlow report" begins right now. >>> first up tonight, a developing story. four democratic senators sent a letter to president obama late this afternoon. they want him to use any means necessary to raise the debt ceiling without republican house spending cuts. that's right. cnbc's eamon javers has the details. >> reporter: let me get right to exactly what that quartet of senators said. in their letter to president obama which was viewed widely as shoring up his left flank in the political debate over the debt ceiling. what they wrote was "we believe you must be willing to take any lawful steps to
. the idea has gained momentum mostly among democrats with republicans threatening another debt ceiling showdown on spending cuts. u.s. expected to reach the debt limit next month. some economists, you start printing money like that you will devalue the existing currency and in the long run create enormous inflation. that apparently option being ruled out by the department of treasury. >> jamie: consumer financial protection bureau is unveiling new mortgage rules and no one is happy about them. banking industry and consumer groups feel they are getting shortchanged. biggest critics people now to be cautious and careful about their investment decisions. joining us with more kyle harrington, good to see you. i was surprised about reading this. everybody remembers the mortgage mess. apparently under these new rules it sounds like it will be easier for people to get mortgages. that sounds like a good thing. is it? >> it's better i'm interested in people being able to attain mortgages. i'm also interested in paying attention to the details in a bill here that is over 800 pages. so i think mo
to consider any lawful steps to avoid a debt ceiling crisis, even fit means acting without congressional approval. the associated press reports majority leader harry reid is among those urging the president to consider options like invoking the 14th amendment to find ways around the nearly $16.5 trillion cap on government borrowing. and newark, new jersey mayor corey booker is one step closer to a senate run after filing paperwork with the federal election commission this week. meanwhile, politoco reports a top aide to democratic senator frank lawsuit enberg called booker "self-absorbed" accusing the mayor of bee trying the democratic party by skipping a run against republican governor chris christie. >>> well, joining me right now we have msnbc contributing and managing editor joy an reid and white house reporter for the "washington post." and with a hello to both of you, david i'm going to go up to you first. let's go to afghanistan with the president accelerating the withdrawal of troops right now. what did we learn from that news conference as to a timeline? >> well, alex, it was ver
begin with the next fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling in a letter to the president yesterday. senate majority lead are harry reid and other top democrats urged the president to take any lawful stps to protect the u.s. from defaulting on its debt and bypassing congress if necessary. is the president ready to invoke the constitution's 14th amendment. it's the big question, nbc news' kristen welker joins me. i understand you have a highlighter in your hand to display the seriousness of what it would mean to invoke the 14th amendment. >> the 14th amendment is very complicated. i want to make sure i'm covering my basis to give everyone a quick explainer of what it is and it goes to the post-civil war era and it is in the expansive rights of the civil war and there is a part of it that deals with the nation's did not and that's where this highlighter comes in. and it states, quote, the validity of the public debt of the united states shall not be questioned. that is the part of the 14th amendment that those senators that you just referenced are seizing on to say that the president should i
that there was a meeting during the whole showdown over the debt ceiling in which some of speaker boehner's closest allies met in the office and said to him, if you come back with a deal that you fashioned with president obama doesn't get more than 100 votes or so, and eric cantor has already started to whisper a campaign against you, and we saw it happen with speaker newt gingrich and it can happen to you. speaker boehner took that to heart and he walked away from a deal shortly after that. >> coming to the interplay between the republican side in the second, task list. the president was initially doing a "des moines register" editorial board and did not get the endorsement of that paper and one of the things he said is that he believed he could get a grand bargain struck on the debt ceiling if he were reelected on november 6. based on what you're saying, it may not be possible if the freshmen, now sophomores, and some of the new members don't essentially give him their blessing to go cut a deal. they may feel in the same tough spot now that they were last year. >> a grand bargain based on what you're sa
the constitution allows him to raise the debt ceiling on his own, again, congress be damned. add it up, i'm telling you, barack obama is doubling down. and here's the kicker. with plenty of compliant democrats in congress to help. but those democrats might regret what they're aiding and abetting, because they're the ones who'll be fumbling and fuming. when nancy pelosi pushes the 14th amendment to give the power to bypass congress, she is giving him the power to bypass her too. you don't need a trillion dollar magic coin to realize this is nothing less than a high stakes power grab. now, it's not unusual for presidents of either party to try. it is very unusual for so many in both parts to lay down and let him do it. all right, here to hash it out, constitutional expert ilya shapiro and sabrina schafer as well as "the wall street journal"'s steve moore. steve, a disturbing series of events, to put it mildly. >> no question about it, neil. and, look, we have a three-branch system of government in washington. the president is the chief of the executive branch, that means the president doesn't make th
claims that agreeing to a rise in the debt ceiling will agree to the con kegs,ey -- concessio concession, and saying, do it, and we have to do it. >> and they are frustrated that the republicans are held hostage here and made demands and that they might win some of the demands. i suspect that the president is worried that, you know, there's a question here about the legality of what he does and the powers as described by the constitution, and then the global and the financial markets which are not particularly intere interested in the constitutional law and theory, so i think that to some degree the white house must calculate, if we act in a sort of controversial way, right, it is not controversial if congress raises the debt limit, because that is what everybody assumes will happen, but if we take another route, and there are many options including this trillion dollar coin that could be minted, but what is best for the markets? because the goal is to not crash the economy. so there is a second argument and pragmatic real world argument happening along the constitutional debate that has
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)